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London PoP

ASREN has historically established its Point of Presence (PoP) in London in 2014, as a pivotal step in its efforts to bolster scientific research, innovation, and education across the Arab world. Initially set up in cooperation with ISOC, Cisco, and DANTE, the original PoP involved a 155 Mbps dedicated link, providing EU termination and peering to Arab NREN links. This facilitated access to global scientific resources and aided in developing advanced networks and services across the Arab region.

In 2019, ASREN, backed by the AfricaConenct2 Project and supported by the European Commission, has undertaken a significant upgrade to its London PoP. The new PoP, now located at Slough Data Center, features cutting-edge Cisco routing equipment capable of handling research traffic speeds of up to 40 Gbps. This upgraded infrastructure interconnects various regions, including Amman, Jordan, Tunis, Morocco, and Egypt, through high-speed links ranging at 1 Gbps speed.

The enhanced PoP not only provides seamless connections to G√ČANT in Europe but also fosters peering capabilities with other key regional networks such as Internet2 in the US, WACREN, and UbuntuNet Alliance in Africa. Established in 2014, ASREN's upgraded London PoP serves as a crucial exchange point between the pan-Arab regional research and education network and its counterparts in Europe, Africa, and the US. This exchange facilitates unrestricted access to high-speed networks, computing facilities, data repositories, scientific applications, and educational resources for researchers, faculty, and students throughout the Arab region.